Chad Vilmont and Mike Templeton earn Viking Tour wins

Ronnie Wiseman, Bob Moore (Mgr of Breakers), Chad Vilmont

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour rolled through Knoxville, TN with Breakers Billiards Sports Bar & Grill playing host to the events. The events brought in a total of 87 players. The Friday night mini tournament was won by Russ Edwrads, the Open division was won bt Iowa's Chad Vilmont and the Amateur division was won by Mike Templeton who is a regular on most billiard forums.

Breaker's Billiards Sport Bar & Grill provides an excellent tournament atmosphere as well as hosting their league players. They offer a live online web camera for any action that may be going and maintain their tables in top shape for their patrons. Breakers also offers a full kitchen from appetizers to complete meals so if you get to Knoxville be sure and check them out.

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour would like to thank Breakers Billiards Sports Bar & Grill for graciously hosting this weekends event and the hospitality they extend the tour as well as the players during the events they host. Before the Viking Tour left the building plans were in the works for the next event to be held at Breakers. This event will be a 1-day, $1,000 added Amateur only event on April 5th, 2008.

The Open Division:

Chad Vilmont took 1st place his pathway to the finals is as follows; Vilmont drew a bye in round one and then proceeded to best all of his opponents sending them to the one loss side starting with Scotty Phillips 11-5; Dallas Roach 11-6; Aaron Frady 11-4; Scottie Brown 11-2; Ronnie Wiseman 11-9; only to face Wiseman again in the finals where Vilmont completed the tournament undefeated besting Wiseman 11-6.

Ronnie Wiseman who took second began with a bye then defeated Ron McNutt 11-9; Hal Husky 11-2; Russ Edwards 11-10; Darrell Caldwell 11-10 before beginning sent to the one loss side where faced Russ Edwards again in the semi finals defeating him 11-5.

The Amateur Division:

Mike Templeton began his run for 1st place by defeating Joel Bradshaw 7-3; David Nichols 7-6; Ronnie Martin 7-3; Mark Tree 7-4 before being sent to the left side of the chart by David Maddux 7-2;where he won by forfiet by Jimmy Weemes only to return to face Maddux again where he had to defeat him twice in the double elmination format set #1 7-4; #2 7-5.

David Maddux went undefeated until the finals besting John Garner 7-2; Micheal Perryman 7-5; Jimmy Weemes 7-5; Haskell Brown 7-3; Mike Templeton 7-2 only to face Templeton again in the finals.

Payouts Open Division:

1st Chad Vilmont $1785
2nd Ronnie Wiseman $1000
3rd Russ Edwards $600
4th Aaron Frady $350
5/6th Darrell Caldwell & Scottie Brown $150 each
7/8th Claude Merrier & Rick Patterson $100 each

Payouts Amateur Division:

1st Mike Templeton $550
2nd Dave Maddux $280
3rd Jimmy Weemes $ 230
4th Ronnie Martin $100
5/6th Haskell Brown & Mark Tree $50 each