Chamat Tops Spanish Field

Marcus Chamat

Marcus Chamat took a little holiday from the chill of his home in Sweden and decided to play some pool in Spain. He chose the Open Internacional de Billar Pool event in Seville and walked away with the fist place honors without ever breaking a sweat. His entry into the event was a surprise to many of the players but his stellar play was not. He loped undefeated through the nearly 100-man field to pocket the top prize with barely a challenge from his opposing cueists. 

Chamat's only tense moments came against David Lopez, the man who had sent Fabio Petroni packing 8-4. But Lopez could not handle the pressure from Napoleon and finally folded his tent at 8-6 to give Chamat a free entry into the semi-finals. There Chamat just destroyed FranCisco Diaz 8-2 and then went on to the finals where he frankly embarrassed Sergio Cruz 8-0. Do not be surprised if Spain now closes their borders to Swedish pool pros.