Champions Crowned at Shooting Star Classic

The 2009 Shooting Star Classic 8-Ball Tournament crowned its first four out of five champions. First to wrap up was the Women's Masters division. Though the field was small, it included players from seven states and two countries. Of the six women to return on Sunday, Chicago prevailed, taking the gold and bronze. Kristen Castaldo of Oak Brook, Illinois captured third place while her road partner Jacqui Herrera-Schroeder met North Dakota's 8-ball novice Jeri Bouvette for a rematch in the finals. The single-set finals saw a repeat 5-3 score in Herrera-Schroeder's favor.

The Men's Masters division was nearly full with 44 players, including the likes of former touring pro Jimmy Wetch, and top MN players Beau Runningen and Gene Albrecht.  After cruising through the A-side and defeating Felix Beardy for the driver's seat, Demetrius Jelatis would face him again in the finals. Beardy was out for vengeance this time, taking the first set 5-2. After a quick break, a refreshed Jelatis would return to flip the score in his favor.

Scotch Doubles matches were completed intermittently throughout the day between singles matches. In the end, the two teams of four Masters remained. Minnesota's dynamic duo Runningen with Tony Hilla versus Iowa's finest Jerrod Frideres with Dustin Gunia chopped the total $1,380 prize and hit the road.

The Women's Open also concluded with a double-set finals resulting in favor of the hot-seat winner. Natalie Plumley cruised through the open ladies field to meet up with Joan Jacobs in the finals. Jacobs dished out a 4-0 victory in the first set but slightly overstroked a key ball at hill-hill, coming just shy of the prize.

All four champions from the singles divisions receive custom Delta-13 Elite racks engraved with the event name, date, and “CHAMPION” along with their prize money.

Six remain in the Men's Open division, returning Monday morning at nine. With support from their sponsors, tournament directors, Samm Diep and Mike Fieldhammer were able to provide coin-free play on pro-cut 7' Diamond Smart Tables for the entire weekend for only a $10 greens fee.

Event Sponsors: Shooting Star Classic, Tiger Products, Delta-13 Rack, Peters Billiards,, Predator Group, and Simonis Cloth.

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