Changes and Expansion of the Richmond Billiard Tour (VA)

The Richmond Billiard Tour was started by Joe Russo just over a year ago, with the goal of having local (handicapped) tournaments for all level players.  However, with a full time job and a desire to spend more time with his family, Joe has found it too time consuming, and therefore will no longer be able to promote the tour.  It took a lot of thought, hard work and courage to start such a project, and Joe is to be complimented on his success. Joe is very well liked and we will still enjoy seeing him around the pool rooms.

Due to my (David Donovan, Donovan Billiards, LLC) passion and love of the sport, I have agreed to take over the Richmond Billiard Tour and will make every effort to improve and expand the tour for the players.  My long range goals will be to eventually find sponsors who will put additional money into the tour, which will result in more money, larger pay outs, additional places paid, more rewards and trophies awarded at the end of each season.  

In an effort to expand our player base and for the sake of variety, in addition to the regular (handicapped) nine ball, we plan to occasionally hold eight ball and other pool games at our tournaments.  We will continue to conduct mini second chance tournaments, break contests, and the Big Rack contest.

Now available:  a yearly membership card (optional) for $20 which entitles you to: 20% off the tournament fees, accumulate bonus points for gifts, cash rewards, and free access to the end of the season award's banquet.  Additionally your membership will provide you with a 10%-20% discount on all billiard supplies and accessories purchased through Donovan Billiards, LLC.

As an extra incentive the last three place finishers will receive some type of prize or a discount towards their next tournament.

At each tournament our goal is to start on time and wait for no late sign ups.  (It is not fair to those who show up on time.)  This calendar year we plan to hold tournaments at the following locations: The Playing Field, Side Pocket and Murphy's II.

To give the Richmond Billiard Tour and the sport a more professional image, the following code of conduct will be enforced:

Dress Code: All players will be expected to dress respectably.  No sweat pants, sport shorts, torn jeans, tank tops (men), no extra baggy pants or pants falling down showing underwear. There will be no clothing allowed which displays obscene pictures or language.  If wearing a hat the bill must be worn facing the front.

Cell phones:   Player cell phones must be turned off during a match. Players will not be allowed to make or receive phone calls during their match.  First violation may result in a warning from the directors, and subsequent violations may result in the loss of the match.

General Conduct:  Players are expected to display good sportsmanship during all tournaments.  Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Unsportsmanlike behavior includes abusive language, obscene gestures, abuse/damage of equipment/facilities, intoxication leading to any kind of disruption during a match. Offenders may be penalized and/or barred from future events.

We have scheduled the next 9 Ball Tournament to be held:

Location: The Playing Field

Date: December 20, 2008

Registration and warm ups start at 11.00 AM (Deadline time for registration is 11:45 AM)

Fee: $25.00 ($20 if you purchase a yearly Tour membership for 15.00)

Format: Texas Express Rules and Race to 5 in the winners bracket and race to 4 in the losers side

Mark your calendars now for up coming events to be held at the following locations:

January 10th ……...Murphy Law II
January 24th ………… Playing Field * (eight ball event)
February 7th………Side Pocket
February 21st …….Playing Field
March 7th  ……….. Playing Field * (event will be combined eight ball and nine ball)
March 14th……….  Murphy's Law II
March 28th ………. Side Pocket

As the Richmond Billiard Tour Director, I look forward to working with you and welcome any suggestions and any support that you wish to offer in an effort to make these tournaments the very best for the players.

You may contact me at 804-556-6775 or email at


David Donovan
Donovan Billiards, LLC