Charlie “The Hillbilly” Bryant vs Warren Kiamco at The Texas 9 Ball Open Finals

Warren Kiamco and Charlie Bryant
Charlie Bryant wins the toss for the break. Race to 9 on Brunswick Gold Crowns. Charlie’s break is empty. Warren Kiamco only has one cluster to worry about which he planned with precision and runs the first rack. Warren breaks pocketing the six ball in the left corner pocket, lands beautiful shape on the one ball and runs the second rack. Warren breaks pocketing the one ball in the side but misses the two. However, the three is between the cue ball and the two ball pointed towards the bottom right corner pocket, forcing Charlie to kick the two. Charlie plays safe turning the table back over to Warren. Warren caroms off the two to sink the five in the corner pocket. The rest is history bringing the score to 3-0 Warren. Again Warren pockets the one ball in the side pocket on the break, but not so lucky on the spread as the two ball is in bad shape center diamond, on the foot rail, BUT HE PULLS OFF AN INCREDIBLE SLICE and runs the rest of the rack. 
Warren pockets the wing ball on the break this time and lands great shape on the one ball and proceeds to run out his fifth rack. Warren breaks pocketing the one in the side as usual, but is sitting on a difficult two eight ball combo. He misses but sends the cue ball to the opposite side of the table frozen to the nine ball, and manages to duck the two ball behind the eight near the head rail. HillBilly turns his cue into a protractor to figure out the angles to get out of this one and  lands the kick flawlessly. However, Warren Kiamco makes it back  to the table and runs the remainder of the rack bringing the score to 6-0.
Warren pockets the wing ball on the break but gets locked up behind the four ball not able to see the one. He decides to kick cross side, leaving Charlie Bryant on the long slice, but Hillbilly made light work of the rack and is on the score board 6-1.Hillbilly breaks pocking the seven ball but left with a long tough cut shot on the one. Charlie slices it like butter. He makes the two  coming around three rails for perfect shape on the three. He gets into a little trouble on the six ball landing straight across from it on the second diamond from the foot rail, but makes a nice cut recovery. A nice one inch draw on the eight lands him perfect for the nine making the score 6-2.
Charlie Bryant breaks sinking the seven in the right corner and three in the right side and gets decent position on the one ball. Charlie very cautiously runs the rack. 
Charlie sinks the seven and the four on the break and runs the rack, keeping Warren seated for four straight games bringing the score to 6-4 Warren. 
HillBilly breaks sinking the seven, but leaving the cue ball towards the bottom of the table and a very difficult cut on the one sitting almost at the middle head string. He over cut the one but ended up safe behind the two, finally allowing Warren to see the table again.  Warren missed completely giving Charlie ball in hand and that is like giving a two year old  a happy meal, and what does a two year old do with a happy meal? They eat all their food to get the prize and that is exactly what Charlie did. He ran out again. Score 6-5 Warren. 
Hillbilly breaks but quickly finds himself trapped behind the nine ball having to kick at the two towards the side pocket. AND OH MY GOD HE NAILED IT! Charlie “The Hillbilly” Bryant just entered the Twilight Zone seeing nothing but pocket as he runs yet another rack and all Warren can do is sit with arms folded and endure until he gets his shot. 
Hillbilly sinks his now ritual seven ball on the break, has an open table with a somewhat tricky one ball but executes it with a graceful smooth stroke. He got a little behind the nine causing him to miss the three in the side pocket, allowing Warren Kiamco back to the table for the first time in six games with the score all tied up. Warren takes a break to stretch his legs, comes back and runs the rack. The crowd is intense, the side action is buzzing and everyone is on the edge of their seats.
Warren comes up dry on the break! The table isn’t pretty with all the balls sitting at the end of the table clustered like a family gathering so HillBilly takes some time to carefully plan his route. He doesn’t get the intended shape on the three ball so he attempts safety but accidently fouls just barely clipping the seven ball first. Warren Kiamco makes short work of the rack leading the match to 8-6.
As usual Warren sinks the one on the break and has perfect position on the two. He plays the stop shot to get on the three, gives the three a few inches follow to put him on the cut to the left corner on the four, draws off the four to get straight in on the five for the top left corner, long draws the five to get the cut on the six on the foot rail, plays the cue off the rail to get behind the seven, draws the eight to land straight behind the nine to close the match at 9-6. This was a fierce match. Nicely played gentlemen!