Chavez and Testa Split Mezz Tour Honors

Co-Champions Joey Testa, Ignacio Chavez and 3rd Place Victor Nau

The Mezz Pro-Am Tour's first stop went off with a bang, hosted by Drexeline Billiards in Drexel Hill, PA, January 31. A strong field of 53 players came out, including Eddie Abraham, Shaun Wilkie, and Matt Krah, but Ignacio Chavez and Joey Testa took home top honors.

Chavez led the top half of the bracket with wins over Caroline Pao 7-2, Abraham 7-3, Josh Brothers 7-4, Wilkie 7-1, and Adam Kielar 7-4. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Testa, with wins over Sharon O'Hanlon 7-1, John Graziano 7-0, Gregg McAndrews 7-2, and Victor Nau 7-3.

Testa and Chavez matched up in the hot seat match, with Testa pulling away late to win 7-4. Waiting for Chavez on the one-loss side was Nau, coming fresh from a win over Brothers. But Nau's momentum wasn't enough to carry him through to the finals, as it was all Chavez, who easily won 7-2.

In the true double-elimination finals, it was Testa versus Chavez. In order for Chavez to win the event, he would have to best Testa twice. However, both players decided to be co-champions and split first place.