Chavez Wins Blaze Tour Season Finale

Ignacio Chavez with Atlantic City Billiard Club Owner Ernie

The final stop of the 2006 Blaze Nine Ball Tour was held at the Atlantic City Billiard Club. Special thanks Ernie and staff For a wonderful time.

Leading the top half of the bracket was Ignacio Chavez with wins over Leo Arici 7-2, Allen Hopkins 7-3, Lou Patrikios 7-3, Gary Barnish 7-4, and Lee Holt 7-5. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Mike Miller with wins over Mike Hart 7-0, Mike Fingers 7-5, Liz Ford 7-5, and Ryan McCreesh 7-6.

Playing for the hot seat was Ignacio Chavez vs Mike Miller. This was a great match that went back and forth with Mike Miller pulling it out at the end 7-5 giving him the hot seat. On the one loss side it was Scott Freeman waiting for Ignacio Chavez, this too was a great match but when it was all said and done it was Chavez with a 6-4 win.

In the finals it was Mike Miller vs Ignacio Chavez in was a rematch from earlier that day but this time things were a little bit different. It was Chavez taking control from the start and never looking back winning the match 9-5.

Complete Results:
1st Ignacio Chavez $750
2nd Mike Miller $400
3rd Scott Freeman $300
4th Ryan McCreesh $200
5th Allen Hopkins $150
5th Lee Holt $150
7th Gary Barnish $100
7th Carmen Lombardo $100
9th Mike Fingers $50
9th Greg Capelle $50
9th Justin Muller $50
9th Liz Ford $50