Cheerleaders Rev Up Pros In The International Challenge Of Champions

“The cheerleaders were definitely a factor,” said Matt Braun of Billiards International. “Two sudden deaths in three televised matches means something lit a fire under the players. Of course $50,000 to the winner also put them on their game.”

The INTERNATIONAL CHALLENGE OF CHAMPIONS will air Thursday, October 5 on ESPN 2 from 8PM to 11PM ET. For the first time ever in a televised billiards event, cheerleaders rooted the players on to victory. Beautiful girls with pompoms brought added excitement to the $50,000 winner-take-all tournament.

The four Champions in the international event are Johnny Archer (USA), Thorsten Hohmann (Germany) Marlon Manalo (Philippines) and Fong-Pang Chao (Taiwan). Matches are two sets of 9-ball, race to 5 games each set, with a one-game sudden death in case of tied sets. Two of the three televised matches went to sudden death. The Championship Final came down to one game of 9-ball for $50,000!

Check it out October 5 on ESPN 2. The greatest players in the world with gorgeous cheerleaders rooting them on. And one of the players takes home all the money and the title 2006 Champion of Champions!