Chen Double Dips Ochoa at Fast Eddie’s Olhausen Season Finale

Leandra, Sylver Ochoa, Jui Lung Chen, Linda Scott (GM) and Vanessa

Fast Eddie's N.W. Military location in San Antonio was the site for Fast Eddie's Olhausen 9 Ball Tour sponsored by Schuler Cues 2007 Season Finale. 2007 was the Tour's fifth year and 84 men entered the open division to celebrate a great year.

Top picks for the event were Jeremy Jones, Jui Lung Chen, Sylver Ochoa, James Davis Jr., Destry Ensley, Danny Almaraz, Gordon Van der Veer, and Robert Stewart.

Finishing 13-16 were Jason Pearce, Derek Fontenot, Lee Rosa, and Danny Almaraz. Each played very well and was happy to get to the money rounds. They received $140 for their efforts.

The 9-12 positions were filled by Champ Massingill, Gordon Van der Veer, Scott Tollefson, and Mike Rodriguez. They had fun and played well doing so. They were rewarded $180.

Finishing in the ever tough 7-8th slots were James Davis Jr. of Bastrop, Texas and Nick Tafoya of New Mexico. Both these youngsters are class acts and very talented pool players. Both took home $530 for their work.

The 5-6th places were claimed by the young and ever improving Eric Aicinena and the veteran Ismael Ramirez. Both played well and sported $690 which was well earned.

Chelo Velasquez of Austin plays well and plays as hard for each game and match as anyone on the Tour. This event was no different and for that effort Chelo finished in fourth place and took home $1225.

Jeremy Jones is a great player and always a force to reckon with. JJ expects so much from himself and is always, "in the hunt". Playing for the hot seat against Sylver Ochoa, JJ looked very smooth and well into control and it happened. Things just change as it often does playing 9 ball or any other rotation game of pool. After leading 8-5, the momentum changed and saw Sylver make his comeback. Still, JJ ended his weekend in 3rd place and rolled back to Houston with $1840.

Sylver having won the hot seat waited as Jui Lung Chen and JJ completed their battle to see who faced him in the finals. Sylver has had a very good year and was crowned Texas State 9 Ball champ earlier in the fall.

Jeremy and Chen fought hard and this day, it belonged to Jui Lung Chen of Dallas. Chen was playing so well and shooting with tons of confidence and splitting the middle of the pocket on every shot. His attitude seemed to be, "never mind about the cue ball, just let me see the ball". It was working as he defeated Jeremy and then marched straight over to meet Sylver who was feeling very good about himself.

In the finals, Chen won the first set in dramatic fashion by a score of 9-8 with a real "Hail Mary" bank shot. He wasn't done though as he had to do it again by beating Sylver a second set and that is no easy task for any player.

Momentum stayed with Chen as he sliced in one ball after the other to handle Sylver in the second set by a score of 7-4. Chen was a very happy man. Sylver capped off a nice year by taking home $2630 with a great second place finish.

Chen is always smiling, but tonight the smile was a bit brighter as he was happy with his performance and why wouldn't he be. He is so much fun to watch and such a gentleman in doing so. Besides being named the Tour's “Player of the Year” for 2007, Chen took home $3010 for his great weekend.

Each year at the Season Finale, Olhausen Billiards donates a new Eclipse model pool table to be raffled to one of the participants at the Finale. This year's winner was none other than Rick Stanley of Austin, Tx. Rick already plays great but watch next year, as this is the same model that the Tour is played on. Congratulations, Rick!

So closed the year 2007 and the Tour's fifth year. It has been great fun and the time has passed so quickly.

There are so many people to thank and give credit and there just doesn't seem to be a fair place to start, but let's start with the most important, the players and tour members, themselves. Without your support and participation, none of this exists. It has truly been a pleasure for us at PKL and we thank you.

What more can be said about Olhausen Billiards and Schuler Cues. Your support and generosity is at times overwhelming and so appreciated. Thanks in particularly to Sue Doyle of Olhausen Billiards; life wouldn't be the same without you. Also, to Brian Trimm of Schuler Cues. Both Sue and Brian are very special people. I hope pool players in this region understand what true friends you are.

Jack Kompan of Mystick Cues, Ron Geyer of The Custom Cue Connection, Robbie Timms and Jeff Ridel of Behind the 8 Ball Cue Sales & Repair, Paul Summerall of S&S cues, Will Roach of Custom Cue Repair, Manny and Gina Guerra of Creative Vinyl Signs, what more can we say? All of you make this so much easier for us and none of you have ever let us down. Thank you so very much.

Another thanks to Trevor of Carolina Cues. Their inclusion will be so special next year and we look forward to working with them.

To all Fast Eddie's locations, their staff and management, YOU have been great and make this fun.

Last, but hardly least, to Fast Eddies ownership and particularly Mark “Big Lew” Lewis. Thank you from all of us. This has been great and will continue to be so.

So long until January 19-20 when we kick off 2008 in San Angelo, Texas at the brand new location. From Paul, Ken, Lewis, and Bill at PKL Promotions thank you and have a safe and happy holiday season.