Chen Siming Over the World for Female Player of the Year

Chen Siming of China simply dominated the world of Women's professional billiards in 2011.  Of the eight major events in which she competed this year she came in the top ten in all of them and stood on the podium six times. She won both the Philippine Open and the All Japan Championship. She seemed to always be in the finals. In addition to the aforementioned two victories, she was the runner-up in three more events (the Amway Cup, The China Open, and the Women's World 9-Ball Championship). At the Beijing Open she took third place honors.  

Chen Siming has been making her presence known now for going on to three years. She won the China Open in 2010. What is most worrisome for other female pros around the world is that Miss Chen is now only 17 years old. She hasn't even found her long-haul gear yet and is known to have commented this year that she still has so much to learn about the games.  This career is just getting off of the launch pad and she is already the major force on the international scene with whom to reckon.  

Congratulations and a tip of the AZB hat to Chen Siming for her fantastic year. We have a feeling she will be back here again.