Chen Takes Tenth Stop On Fast Eddie’s Olhausen 9 Ball Tour Sponsored By Schuler Legacy Cues In Lafayette

Jui Lung Chen and Scotty Townsend

Fast Eddies Olhausen 9- Ball Tour sponsored by Schuler Cues saw it's way to Lafayette, Louisiana on October 14-15. If you have never experienced Cajun hospitality, well, you have not experienced the best in life.

Action always begins on Saturday morning, but this weekend was a bit different. This weekend began Friday night with a Ring Game where eight STRONG players anted $500 each to do battle in a Hold-em style progressive Ring Game. Included were David Guttierez, Charlie “Hillbilly” Bryant, Scotty Townsend, Gary Abood, James Davis Jr., Kenny Greer, Cliff Joyner and Jui Lung Chen.

Each player was issued $1000 dollars in chips and divided into two groups of four on two tables. Eventually we were down to two players. Jui Lung Chen at this point had $4200 in chips and Gary Abood had $3800. It was virtually dead even. There were about 200 spectators at this point and only one other table in operation in the whole building. It is safe to say that they were enjoying what they were seeing.

The wager was raised every 45 minutes and at 1:30 a.m., because of time constraints, Gary was forced to go all-in. After a kicking battle on the 2 ball, Chen pocketed the 2 and then ran out making two incredible shots on the 7 and the 8 and then ending perfectly on the 10 ball to grab the $2800 first place prize money. Gary received $1200 for second place. Both played very, very well and it often seemed as the whole crowd cheered for whoever was shooting at the time. It was fun.

We intend to have another ring game on Friday, November 17, at Fast Eddies in San Antonio. More details are forthcoming.

Saturday morning saw the start of the Open division tournament and although the field was smaller than we are accustomed to, it was rich in talent. Top picks were, Gary Abood, Jui Lung Chen, David G., Scotty Townsend, “The Hillbilly”, James Davis Sr., Brian Jones and Cliff Joyner. Finishing in 7-8th positions were Jay Calhoun and Gary Abood. Both battled very hard and played well.

Ending Sunday in the 5-6th slots was Kenny Greer who is off to Ohio and will be missed on the Tour and Tulsa's own Brian Jones. Brian is a fine young player and has earned respect from all who face him.

There is one constant in Texas and that is James Davis Sr. He is a quiet man and carries a big stick. Just take a look at all the bidders when his name is called. He is never overlooked or taken lightly. James finished in 4th place and as always, played solidly.

Finishing third was Charlie Bryant, The “Hillbilly”. Charlie has taken on a new attitude and is seemingly very focused these days having won the two previous Fast Eddies events. Sometimes though, it seems as if the balls have a mind of their own. This was one of those days as Charlie had to settle for a very respectable 3rd place. Make no mistake though, he was not happy with it. He will be back.

By now, Jui Lung Chen had won the hot seat and was waiting patiently as Scotty Townsend of Dothan, Alabama must first dispense only James Davis Sr., Brian Jones, and then the “Hillbilly” to get a shot at Chen.. No problem, right? Scotty is a player respected all over the country and one of the most well liked players ever.

Scotty earned the right to face Chen in the finals. The final match started with the players trading games to 4-4. Scotty broke the ninth rack and came up dry and Chen proceeded to run the next two racks to go ahead 6-4. Scotty, then, tied it at 6-6. On Scotty's next break, he made two balls only to have the cue ball kicked in. Chen ran out and broke and ran the next game to get on the hill first, 8-6. Scotty broke and ran to make it 8-7. On Chen's break, he came up empty. Scotty had a tricky out and hung up the 6 ball and the rest was history. Chen prevailed and won 9-7.

Congratulations to Scotty on a great 2nd place finish.

Jui Lung Chen plays very hard and is one of the classiest people around. He is a very fierce ompetitor.

A very special thanks to Fast Eddies as always. You are a great host. Thank you again to Olhausen Billiards and Schuler Legacy Cues. Without your support and generosity, none of this is possible.

As always, thanks to Ron Geyer of The Custom Cue Connection, Jack Kompan of Mystick Cues and to Robby Timms of Behind the 8 Ball Cue Sales and Service. Thanks also to Tino of Teodora's Tacos. Last but not least, a special thanks to Josh and the staff at Fast Eddies. You made this fun and a lot easier.

We will look forward to seeing you all at Fast Eddies {Embassy Oaks} in San Antonio, November 18-19. Just as a reminder, be watching for details on another ring game, Nov 17!

Complete Results:
1st Jui Lung Chen $4250
2nd Scotty Townsend 2510
3rd Charlie Bryant 1350
4th James Davis Sr. 790
5-6th Kenny Greer, Brian Jones 230
7-8th Gary Abood, Jay Calhoun 150