China Open Day 2 and Final Draw

Niels Feijen

China Open Moving Day

The Group Stages have concluded at the China Open. Here is who is in the final draw and who is out. At this point we only have results for the Men. We do have the final round draw for both men and women and that is at the end of this article.

Thorsten Hohmann and Chang Yu Lung made it through the top half of Group A. Hohmann lost his first match to Lung but then strolled through the one-loss side to gain his berth in the finals.  The bottom half saw Radoslaw Babica and Chang Jung Lin make it though as many had predicted.

Group B found Corey Deuel, Ko Pin Yi, Abdullah Yousef and Chris Melling surviving. Melling defeated Deuel in the first round and Deuel had to survive a final hill-hill battle with Zhu Xihe to grab a chair.  The popular Shaun Wilkie lost out in this group as he won a match against Robert Folvari but then lost to Chris Melling and next to Yousef.

Undefeated players in Group C included Mika Immonen and Wang Can. The one-loss palyers who are going to the final bracket from this group are Phillip Reilly and Jeffrey Ignacio. The standout disappointment in this group was Warren Kiamco who lost to Wang Can and Jeffrey Ignacio.

Group D found Niels Feijen and Nguyen Tuan come through unscathed while Rodney Morris and Johann Chua made it into the finals from the longer road. Those changing their flight plans in this group (which was a tough one) include Oscar Dominguez, Karl Boyes and Jeremy Sossei.

The E Group was kind to both Carlo Biado and Chu Bingjie while John Morra and Hayato Hijikata both suffered a single defeat on their way to the final draw. Players you know who did not survive the trip through the group include Albin Ouschan and Konstantin Stepanov.

Two World Champions sit atop Group F. Dennis Orcollo and Daryl Peach won their group sections while Mateusz Sniegocki and Ralf Souquet both required an extra round to be able to board the bus. Souquet had dropped his second-round match to Orcollo 9-4 before Defeating Jalal Yousef to stay on track. Many are disappointed that Nikos Ekonomopoulos and Jason Klatt did not survive the group

The champs of Group G know each other well. Darren Appleton and Shane Van Boening are our Group winners. Do Hoang quan and Li Hewen also made the trip. Hunter Lombardo is coming home after he first ran into Darren Appleton to whom he lost 9-7 and then on to fall to Li Hewen 9-6.

Our final group finds Karol Skowerski and Liu Haitao as the undefeated while Lee Van Corteza and Wu Jiaqing are our one-loss survivors.

AZBilliards wishes to thank forum member ctran for his posting of the brackets on our website. He has been a great source of information on this event.

The draw for the final round is now in. Here are the first round match-ups:

Ronglin Chang V Hajato Hijikato
Johann Chua V Daryl Peach
Can Wang V Thorsten Hohmann
Radoslaw Babiica V Chris Melling
Yu Lung Chang V Mateusz Sniegocki
Hoang Quan Do V Bing Jie Chu
Khanh Hoang Nguyen V Lee Van Corteza
Abdullah Al Yousef V Niels Feijen
Dennis Orcollo V Rodney Morris
Phil Reilly V Carlo Biado
Haito Liu V Hewen Li
Jiaqing Wu V Shane Van Boening
Darren Appleton V Ralf Souquet
Corey Deuel V Mika Immonen
Pin-Yi Ko V John Morra
Jeffrey Ignacio V Karol Skowerski

Rubelin Amit V Chieh-Yu Chou
Han Yu V Yichen Liu
Sha Sha Liu V Xinmei Liu
Jing Wu V Kelly Fisher
Allsion Fisher V Siming Chen
Akimi Kajatani V Pei Chen Tsai
Xiao-Ting Pan V Szu-Ting Kuo
Natalya Seroshtan V Ga Young Kim

We will bring further news as soon as it comes in.