Chinese Taipei vs The World in 2004 Team Cup

Ralf Souquet, Efren Reyes, Fong-Pang Chao, Mika Immonen and Kunihiko Takahashi at Thursdays Press Conference

The 2004 World Stars Invitational Team Cup is set to kick off on Friday February 13th in Taiwan.

This challenge event features eight of the top players from Taiwan vs eight of the top players from around the world. For the first time, the event will include non-playing captains for each team. The captain of the Chinese Taipei All-Star Team will be Mr. Allen Lee, the Pro player department manager of the Chinese Taipei Billiards Association. The captain for the World All-Star Team will be Mr. Rolando Vicente, the manager of Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante.

All of the players in the event were present for Thursdays press conference with the exception of Earl Strickland whose flight was scheduled to arrive Thursday night. The fans at the press conference were treated to trick shot exhibitions by Alex Pagulanyan, Ralf Souguet, Fong-pang Chao and Hsiao-lang Fang. Francisco Bustamante also had the crowd laughing at his Ching Shun Yang imitation.

Players for Friday's doubles matches have been announced and will be...
1. Alex Pagulayan, Kunihiko Takahashi VS. Fong-pang Chao, Hsiao-Lang Fang
2. Rodney Morris, Mika Immonen VS. Hao-Ping Chang, Ching-Shun Yang
3. Earl Strickland, Ralf Souquet VS. Chin-ching Kang, Hui-Kai Hsia
4. Efren Reyes, Francisco Bustamante VS. Kun-Fang Lee, Che-wei Fu

Matchups for Saturday's singles matches will be available on Friday.

Photo courtesy of B.A.R.O.C.