Chohan notches third Pechauer Win

Tony Chohan

Tony Chohan made Pechauer West Coast Tour history at Fast Eddy’s in Capitola, CA the weekend of July 31. Chohan is the first member to win three stops in one tour season. Glenn Atwell of WA has come close with 2 first place finishes as well as 2 second place finishes, but Chohan has done exceptionally well considering the limited amount of stops he has attended this year.

The action was hot and heavy, as promised, at Fast Eddy’s. Dick Cady, owner of the Capitola pool room reserved a ring game table for tournament players who wanted a little side action and the big dogs came and went all weekend long between matches. One pocket was also the game of choice for after hours match-ups.

The tournament field was in no short supply of champions with the support of players like Stan Tourangeau, Billy Palmer, Tony Chohan, George Michaels, Tony Annigoni, Bobby Hunter, Amar Kang, Mark Haddad, Steve Lingelbach, Chris MacDonald and many more. Tournament play ran smooth Saturday afternoon with only one small issue. Often times when a game is finished the player who has won the game will roll the cue ball up to the top of the table before the cue ball has actually stopped rolling after the none was pocketed. Moving the cue ball before it has stopped rolling is technically a foul despite the fact that most players demonstrate that respect toward one another. Unfortunately in the past two stops, competitors who would be described as unsportsmanlike at best have stolen games from honest competitors on this technicality. Thankfully in this instance the honest player, Kevin Tomlin came out victorious and continued playing well until he was stopped short by Ian Costello to finish in 9th place.

The first winner-bracket matches on Sunday saw Stan Tourangeau of Canada storm through Tony Chohan in about 20 minutes with a score of 9-1 with multiple 9-ball breaks and combos! Billy Palmer took a little more time to send Tom Seymour over to the one loss side defeating him 9-5. The hot seat match between Tourangeau and Palmer was definitely hot! Palmer took a 7-4 lead against Tourangeau only to see it slip away one game at a time as Stan “The Man” fired up to win the set 9-7! Chohan did some firing of his own as he dismissed one player after another on the backside – 9-5 over Bobby Hunter, 9-4 over Billy Palmer, which set up a rematch with Stan Tourangeau.

It was ironic that the two players who had so much to gain from the tour points from this stop would face one another in the finals. Chohan wasn’t about to let Tourangeau get away with 9-ball breaks and combos for the title, and wasted no time taking a significant lead over Stan. Tourangeau made a run at a comeback but mysteriously came up dry on more than half his break opportunities. When he was able to dial in the break spot, it was simply too late, Chohan closed out the match 13-7. Neither player had reason to be disappointed. Chohan’s finish boosted him into a tie for fourth place with Dave Hemmah in overall point standings; while Tourangeau’s brought him into second place and within 100 points of tour leader Paul Potier. With Tourangeau participating in the next three stops and Potier signed up for only the last two, the lead could realistically belong to either one of the Canadian competitors. It will all depend on how they do in the next three stops! Here are the complete results from the Fast Eddy’s stop – and again, the Pechauer tour would like to thank the Cady family for their continued support of the tour, the players and the sport in general.

Complete Results:
1st Tony Chohan $1200
2nd Stan Tourangeau $900
3rd Billy Palmer $650
4th Bobby Hunter $400
5th Tom Seymour, Diego Vidal $200
7th Ian Costello, Ralph Juarez $100
9th Chris MacDonald, Emerson Joiner, Kevin Tomlin, Wei Ni $50