Chohan unbeatable in Frisco

Tony Chohan

Day two of the Pechauer West Coast Tour got underway on Sunday with eight players left in the original field of 42.

On the winners side, Ernesto Dominguez beat Corey Harper and Tony Chohan defeated Alberto Ramirez. This left Dominguez and Chohan the lone unbeaten players in the field.

On the one-loss side, Bryce Avila and Paul Juarez lost to Billy Palmer and Max Eberle. Palmer then went on to defeat Harper while Eberle was eliminating Ramirez. This left Palmer facing Eberle and Eberle came out the victor in this set.

In the match for the hot-seat, Tony Chohan handed Dominguez a 9-6 loss in a match that saw the pool gods turn their backs on Dominguez numerous times. Chohan got away with a couple misses resulting in hooked leaves for Dominguez and this spelled the end of Dominguez in the match.

Dominguez moved to the left side of the board where Max Eberle was waiting. Dominguez made quick work of Eberle with a 9-2 win.

This meant another match between Dominguez and Chohan for the tournament. Chohan took an early lead and help off Dominguez whenever Dominguez would make a charge at Chohan. Chohan led 7-4 and 11-8 before scoring the 13-8 win in the finals. As if the two great clashes between these players wasn’t enough, they immediately squared off for a race to 15 ‘challenge match’ at the end of the tournament.

Chohan earned $1500, while Dominguez pocketed $900. Eberle and Billy Palmer filled out the top four spots.

The Pechauer West Coast Tour will be at Cadillac Ranch Casino in Longview, WA on February 25th-27th for their next event.

Complete Results:
1st Tony Chohan $1500
2nd Ernesto Dominguez $900
3rd Max Eberle $500
4th Billy Palmer $300
5th/6th Corey Harper, Alberto Ramirez $180
7th/8th Bryce Avila, Paul Juarez $120
9th/12th Tinsley Johnson, Bernardo Chavez, Simon Dudley, Paul Bramwell $70