Chohan Wins Motor City One Pocket

Tony Chohan

A bumper crop of one-pocket players showed up for Ronnie Wiseman's $3,000 Added One Pocket Tournament, with such world class notables as Richie Richeson and Rafael Martinez right in the thick of the action. Their hopes were dashed, however, when Tony Chohan snapped it off, pocketing $3,150 for his efforts. And it wasn't all that easy. Tony took three consecutive matches to hill-hill nail-biters en route to the chair by defeating Ronnie Wiseman, Richie Richeson and Craig McPartland. Relative unknown Craig McPartland came back after losing the chair match to defeat Richie Richeson and earn another shot at Chohan, which he lost by a respectable 4-2, earning $1,850 for second place. The board rounded out with Richeson in third ($1220), Sergio Perez from Chicago taking fourth ($680) and internationally-well-known competitors John Binion and Ronnie Wiseman filling out the fifth/sixth spots ($250 each).

Oak Park Que has long been renowned for its action, and owner Mike hopes this event will bring players back to the legendary venue. The turnout was great, and it was standing room only for the spectators at some of the more popular match-ups. Plans are in the works for more events like this one from promoter Ronnie Wiseman, who did a fabulous job for his first foray into the management side of the game. Tony Chohan recently relocated to the Metro Detroit area from Sacramento CA, and he's really been playing well since the move. Detroit is proud to now claim him as one of their own.