Chuck Hill wins Dominiak Cues Tour Stop #2

The Dominiak Cues Northeast Amateur 10-Ball Tour stop #2 was held on Saturday February 7th at the beautiful Diamond Eight Billiards in Latham, NY  with a strong field of 28 players from throughout the northeast. Players made the trek from Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, as well as the local NY top guns, in attempt to capture the title to the $500 added cash & prizes Dominiak Cues Tour stop.

Notable players in attendance were APA Olympics Senior Champ Tom Acciavatti, 14.1 enthusiast Chuck Hill, New Hampshire's Scott Dwyer, Springfield's Tony Hubbard, tour stop #1 winner Rob Francoeur, and local area guns Shawn Moulton, Lee Lemieux and Frank Rich. Also in attendance and taking advantage of the free entry for juniors was 13 year old Ethan Early, who came all the way from Pennsylvania to compete and make his presence felt.

The double elimination format would see Chuck Hill make his way through top half of the winners side playing steady and confidently. On the bottom half of the winners side chart it was local player Shawn Moulton who made his way to the hot seat match with Chuck Hill. This match proved to be a battle, at hill/hill Chuck left an opening for Shawn which he took full advantage of and ran out to send Chuck to the 1 loss side.

Waiting for Chuck for the right to make the finals on the 1 loss side was Tom Acciavatti. Tom had lost an early round match, and in typical Tom Acciavatti style, grit his teeth and dug in to defeat tough opponents Lee Lemieux, Rob Francoeur and Frank Rich in some close matches to get a shot at playing Chuck for the winner of the 1 loss side, and a shot at Shawn Moulton in the finals. But Chuck Hill had his sights on getting another chance at Shawn in the finals and was able to eliminate Tom in a great hill/hill match.

The finals would prove to be almost a mirror of the first match between Chuck Hill and Shawn Moulton on the winners side. Both playing steadily and deliberately the match went hill/hill (4-4) in the 1 race to 5 finals. The final rack was nip and tuck with a couple trouble balls on the table and neither player wanting to give an opening. Chuck finally got an opening and was on a very nice run only to mis a tough 7 ball, but left Shawn downtable a bit with the cue ball, and the 7 ball rolled up just a shade past the side pocket, leaving a thin cut on the 7 into the side and 2 or 3 rail shape for the eight, although a tough shot it was makeable. Shawn took aim after contemplating a bit and deciding a good safety was not available, he fired at the 7 ball but it was not to be today, he left Chuck with a roadmap to the win which he steadily ran out for the title, first place cash and new Dominiak Cue. We had a great day of pool in Latham, NY and Diamond Eight Billiards was a superb host.

Our next tour stop will be held in Springfield, Ma on Sunday February 22nd.  All amateurs are encouraged to come out and play on the tour. All league players are eligible as well as all non-pro players.

Visit the official website for all info concerning the tour

Hope to see you at the next tour stop!