Cleiton Rocha Holds Off Kevin Williams for NE 9-Ball Series Tour Win

Legends Billiards in Portsmouth, New Hamphire and the New England 9-Ball Series hosted the tour's latest stop on January 12, 2008. A total of sixteen attendees were in place determined to take home the $600 prize money that was up for grabs. Some of the more recognizable names in attendance included Rick Gatta, Dave Fernandez, and Sam Khiev.

The day ended with a hot seat match-up that included Cleiton Rocha and a new comer from Maine, Kevin Williams. Rocha played quite well the entire set and sent Williams to the one-loss side with a score of 7-3. Once reaching the one-loss side and while Williams waited for his next opponent, he witnessed Sam Khiev defeat last year's Player of the Year, Dave Fernandez 7-4 handily. This did not seem to phase Williams as he sealed his spot in the final round by ending Khiev's tournament life 7-2.

The final round was obviously Kevin William's opportunity at avenging his loss to Rocha during the hot seat match. Although the event was a true double elimination tournament, the first set was all it took to end the day. The set was nothing short of a nail biter, but Rocha was able to squeak out his first victory of the season on the hill (score 7-6).