Cliff Joiner takes the Cash!

Tony Dowden, Cliff Joiner, Bobby Johnson, Bernie Calvaruso

With top players which represented 8 states and three countries such as John Schmidt, Gabe Owens, Cliff Joiner, Charlie Bryant, Scotty Townsend, David Matlock, Ermond Bullard, Wade Crane and Reed Pierce showing up to play on the 7' Diamond Smart tables the play was going to get tough.

With some of the top picks finding the way to the one loss side early meant there was no where to hide on the chart. With $19,730.00 total cash to be paid out the money was as good as any tournament this size. With the owners Tony Dowden and Bernie Calvaruso personally guaranteeing $14,500 in cash everyone in this event would like to say thanks for paying out the "CASH" at this event. They did all they said they would do and some.

As we got to the cash rounds many top picks were out of the event such as Charlie Bryant, John Schmidt, Scotty Townsend, Reed Pierce and Wade Crane all failing to reach the cash.

Finishing in the 7th - 8th positions was Ermond Bullard and David Matlock with Ermond losing to Lil John by the score of 7-4. David Matlock losing to Gabe Owens by the score of 7-3. Lil John and Gabe however were only able to make it to the next round as Lil John lost to Rene Rendon by the score of 7-6 and Gabe fell to Edwin Montel 7-4 leaving Lil John and Gabe in the 5th - 6th positions.

Edwin Montel was having a great time as he was traveling from Canada on vacation and stopped into play and finished in 4th place knocking out Gabe Owens 7-4. Rene Rendon then sent Edwin back to his vacation.

Cliff Joiner and Bobby Johnson play for the hot seat with Bobby showing that he was here to play moving Cliff to the one loss side by the score of 7-5. Cliff was not done as he sent Rene packing in 3rd place by besting him 7-5.

With this event playing a true double elimination format it meant Cliff would have to win two sets to claim first place and he was not finished as he took the first set 7-2 as if Bobby was not even in the house. The second set Cliff came out firing again and ran to a 5-1 lead before sending the cue ball flying off the table on the break. Bobby then ran that rack out and broke and ran to bring the score to 5-3. Cliff again failed to win from his break and Bobby play a great rack to bring the score to 5-5. Cliff finds his break and gets to the hill first 6-5. Bobby came to play composed him self after some back and forth play to make it Hill-Hill. What more could all the people watching ask for. Well the last rack was it. Cliff Breaks and scratches. Bobby comes to the table with everything open. We all believed it is over till Bobby shoots the four ball and comes short for shape behind the 8 ball. Bobby now attempts a jump shot on the five but miscues and fouls giving Cliff the only door he will need to take the Red Stick Classic Title and $7500.00 first place cash. What a finish.

The tournament was staffed with plenty of help as both Tony and Bernie were on hand along with Tournament director Dave Inman, Asst. Director Clyde Bennett and Referee Jeff Kimble. Bill fuller was also on hand to provide any help that was needed with the event. Many thanks go out to the vendors at this event David Sims and Clyde Bennett of Stix-N-Stuff and also Tara Kimble of the Cue Corner.