Cody Francis Triumphs at Maine State 9-Ball Championship

Cody Francis made his mark this year, first taking the 2011 State 8 Ball Championship and then made his presence felt again; staking claim to the 2011 State 9 Ball Championship.

The event drew 33 players to Racks Billiards in Portland Maine on Saturday and Sunday April 9th & 10th 2011.

Definitely new and upcoming talent clearly making for a new field of player here in Maine.

Gareth Steele came runner up to Francis in the State finals. A battle that won't be forgotten quickly and we are sure to see a lot more of these two talented, and dedicated players for years to come.

Francis defeated Worm, Corey Tapley, Nick Conner and Greg Murray to meet up with undefeated Steele for the hot seat match. Steele worked his way through Greg Libby, Ken Harvey, Jake Longley and Ivo Petrov to meet Francis there. The two grinded it out when Steele lost his game giving Francis an opening to push forward. By the time Steele recovered it was too late and Francis hammered himself in for the hotseat.

On the one loss side, multi State Championship winner Dave 'Eagle' Hall defeated Wayne Farrety and Dave Roderique and then was sent West by Ivo Petrov in his third match. There Eagle met and defeated heavy weight TJ LaFlamme and then took out Greg Murray, met up again with Ivo Petrov. Petrov defeated Eagle a second time to get to the final of the losers bracket to play Gareth Steele.

After defeating Petrov in a landslide victory 9-1 in the first match on Sunday, Steele sent Petrov's head spinning for a second time. After he won the toss and broke dry, Petrov stepped away from the table where he watched any trace of victory slide away with every rack Steele ran. The final score was 9-2 and Petrov was sent running with Steele cutting out the final match for himself against Francis.

Maine's hottest up and coming pool talent for 2011 met in the final for the second time this year. Francis and Steele have the utmost respect and admiration for each others game and play with a sense of integrity, passion and professionalism.

Steele came out firing, knowing that a good start on Francis was what would be needed to carry him through to a victorious end. Steele stayed ahead of Francis to 8-5 when Francis missed a tricky 8 during his run out and got a lucky roll leaving Steele without a shot. Steele played a safe leaving a difficult bank shot, Francis missed the bank but destiny was calling as the ball went into the oposite side pocket, leaving him an easy 9. Francis capitalised on his luck, broke and ran the next two games and took the score to hill-hill. In the nailbiting final game, Francis broke dry leaving Steele an oportunity. Steele took the one and came down the table for the two which was frozen to the rail, unfortunately for Steele the cue ball ended up frozen to the rail also.  Steele had no choice but to leave the cue ball on the rail after sinking the two ball. Steele sunk the length of the table three ball but got a poor kiss off the four and had to attempt a safe. A shot was left availble to Francis who took the shot and then ran out to the nine. Francis took a step back and a deep breath and smoothly stroked the nine in for a victorious finish for the 2011 Championship.