Cohen wins Predator 14.1 Championship

In a comeback of epic proportions, France's Stephan Cohen came back from more than a 100 ball deficit to upset Mika Immonen in the finals of the Predator 14.1 Championship.

Prior to their final round matchup, Cohen had ended America's hopes as he defeated Johnny Archer 200-104. Immediately following that match, Immonen ended German powerhouse Oliver Ortmann's tournament run with a 200-183 win.

The final match got off to a good start for Immonen as he held a 97-0 lead before Cohen ever made a ball. Cohen managed to run 14 balls, but lost a safety battle and was forced back to the chair as Mika started another run. Mika ran another 49 balls for a 145-14 lead before missing a ball.

Cohen ran 65 balls and looked to be getting back into the match before jawing a ball. That left the score at 145-79 with Mika back in control. Then the unthinkable happened when Mika was only able to run two balls before jawing a ball himself. Cohen took advantage of the unexpected gift and truly did claw back into the match with a 52 ball run to close the gap to sixteen balls at 147-131 before missing a break ball.

Immonen was only able to run fourteen before jawing another ball at 162-131. Cohen was unable to take control for long as he gave the table back to Immonen at 162-149. Immonen was only able to muster an eighteen ball run to get to 181-149 before giving Cohen another chance at the table. That mistake would prove to be the final mistake of this event as Cohen would run the fifty one balls he needed for the 200-181 win and the title of 2009 Predator 14.1 Champion.