Construction Resumes on WPBL Arena

Larry Chiborak ©WPBL

After a three month delay, construction resumed earlier this week at the WPBL Arena in Las Vegas, NV. Various issues arose from the fraudulent practices of the prior crew which halted construction back in January of 2013. During this setback, the WPBL had to secure new permits, hire a new contractor, and resolve legal issues resulting from the illegal actions of the original builder. 

The WPBL’s legal team has vetted the new contractor, and verified the validity of their business license in the State of Nevada and the City of Las Vegas. As a result, construction of the WPBL Arena is anticipated to be finished in early May. An official launch date for the season will be announced upon moving closer to the completion of the arena. WPBL President Larry Chiborak said “Our entire staff would like to thank our league’s players and the billiards community for their continued patience and support during this unexpected delay. We are confident we have secured a professional team of tradesmen to complete the arena and foresee the start of the WPBL season as soon as possible”. 

Assuredly, this delay will not inhibit the WPBL season, as the entire 26 weeks will be played. The revised schedule will be posted on as soon as a start date is announced. 

The WPBL staff has utilized the construction delay to evaluate the best practices of promoting the league worldwide. During this time, the WPBL has been in negotiations with several major players in the entertainment industry, including international television syndication, online and state gaming industry leaders, and major corporate sponsorship from outside the industry. The staff has also been working to establish a network for promotions through over a thousand of the major pool rooms across North America. Although nothing is yet final, the WPBL is faced with many opportunities that will help to secure a bright future for the league, players and fans. 
With these additions also comes the change of the WPBL website, now updated to As opposed to the previous ".tv" domain, the new ".com" will ensure wider recognition with international audiences. Although as of now, the website remains up, moving forward all updates, videos and live streams can only be found on the website.

Please continue to follow the league for updates and announcements: