Corey Deuel Wishes to Speak for Himself

Would everyone please stop putting words in my mouth on this issue! I would like to make it clear that I have not yet committed to play in the US Open. I did tell Barry that I was not notified and did not read the ABP press release before it was made public. I currently am confused as to my position. I was originally on the "3 year" board of the ABP and then I got a call from a player saying that I was no longer on the board.

I talked to a few other players who told me that they never voted nor were they asked to vote me off of the board. If I am on the board then I would have liked to have had the opportunity to look over the details of Barrys offer. And have a chance to vote. From my position I want to let the players know they have my support but I need to know that it really is the players who are doing the talking here. I think to make this official Barry should put his offer in writing and the players involved should sign or email their final decisions about this matter.

All the best ,
Corey Deuel