Corner ‘Em!

In many Nine Ball situations you will have a choice of playing position for either the side pocket or the corner pocket. It is usually to your advantage to play for the corner because it is harder to get out of line there. Here is what I mean.

In the diagram to the right you are shooting at the three ball and need position on the four. Instead of drawing back for the side pocket, just draw your ball a little and take the shot into the corner. Even thought this is a slightly longer shot it is still the better choice because no matter whether you come up a little short or a little long you still have an easy route to take to get on the five.

But if you play it for the side pocket and come up long then you have to go all the way downtable to get back on the four. Remember, always think at least three balls ahead to stay in line and, when given a choice, corner ‘em! It just gives you more options and makes it easier to stay out of trouble .