Corner Bank 10 Ball Series Releases Details

The Corner Bank 10-Ball Series will consist of five preliminary events of $25,000 CAD each followed by a Grand Championship of $100,000 CAD to be held in April of 2017. Events will commence in September of 2016.  Entry fee for the Preliminaries is $250 CAD or $200 USD. The full schedule is:

EVENT #!: September 20-23, 2016
EVENT #2: October 11-14, 2016
EVENT #3: November 8-11, 2016
EVENT #4: January 10-14, 2017
EVENT #5: February 14-17, 2017
Grand Championship: April 17-21. 2017

All events will be conducted at The Corner Bank Sports Bar & Grill, 925 Warden Avenue, Toronto, Canada. All events will be live streamed.

All events will carry Mosconi Cup points for the 2017 Mosconi Cup and will carry Corner Bank Points for seeding in The Corner Bank 10-Ball Series. The first event will be seeded from the International Money list for 2016.  The format is 16 groups of 8 players (two seeds per group) playing in a double elimination format, race to 7 games, and alternate break. 3 players from each group will advance to the single elimination stage (48 players in total).  The group winners will be seeded into the final 16.  The remaining 32 players will be randomly drawn to face each other with the match winners playing into the group winners to make up the final 32.

The single elimination stage will be a race to 9 games except for the semi’s and finals which will be a race to 11 games. The prize money payouts for the preliminaries are as follows in CAD and are based on full fields:

$25,000 ADDED

Winner:  $15,000
Runner-Up:  $8,000
3-4 Place:  $4,000 each
5-8 Place:  $2,000 each
9 -16 Place:  $1,000 each
17-32 Place:  $500 each
33-48 Place:  $250 each

Fields are limited to the first 128 PAID players. An online payment system will be available shortly. For those wishing to assure their spot in the first event you may send a money order made out to The Corner Bank to:

The Corner Bank
925 Warden Ave.
Toronto, Ontario, M1L 4C5
ATTN: Jim Wych

No entries are as yet being accepted for the $100,000 added Grand Championship as in order to qualify to play in it you must first play in at least 3 of the 5 prelims. After the first prelim all players will be seeded into the following events based on their performance in prior Corner Bank 10-Ball Series Events. So the winner of the first event in September will be the #1 seed in the second event in October. The entry fee for the Grand Championship will be $500 CAD or $400 USD unless the exchange rate for the CAD changes markedly prior to April of 2017.