Corr dominates stop on the J. Pechauer Northeast Women’s Tour

Karen Corr played a total of 44 games against six opponents during a May 17-18 stop on the J.Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour. She lost only two of those games, shutting out four opponents and giving up a single rack each to the other two. The $1,500-added, winner-racks event, drew 22 entrants to Raxx Billiards in West Hempstead, NY.
Corr advanced to the hot seat match on the heels of her second shutout, over Sharon O'Hanlon. Tour director Linda Shea, in the meantime, got by Briana Miller 7-4 to face Corr. Corr chalked up her third shutout, against Shea, and sat in the hot seat to await her return.
O'Hanlon and Miller moved to the loss side and met up with Jia Li and Nicole Nester, respectively. Jia Li, who'd lost to Borana Andoni in the opening round, was in the midst of a seven-match, loss-side run that would take her to the semifinals. Victories over Kia Sidbury 7-4 and a shutout over Colleen Shoop set her up for the match against O'Hanlon. Nester had gotten by Nicole Fleming, double hill, and spoiled Li's chance for a rematch against Andoni, by defeating Andoni 7-5.
Miller shut out Nester, and in the quarterfinals, faced Li, who had given up only a single rack in her victory over O'Hanlon. Li, in what proved to be her last victory, defeated Miller 7-2 and faced Shea in the semifinals. Shea earned a second shot at Corr with a 7-2 win over Li, and then fell to Corr, a second time by being shut out, in the finals.