Correia defends the 10-ball crown while Moscetti takes her first title

Christina Moscetti and Henrique Correia
Henrique Correia (POR) and Christina Moscetti (ITA) won the titles in the 10-ball individuals at the Dynamic Billard European Championships for Seniors and Ladies in St. Johann i.Pg., Austria.
The early stage of the final match was determined by several mistakes from Correia. That allowed Thehu to take a quick 3:1 advantage over Correia. But then he scratched in rack 5 and Correia managed to pull back two racks, tying the match at 3:3. In rack 7, Thehu committed a foul and gave ball in hand to Correia who consequently made use of the situation and went ahead 4:3. Rack 8 was dominated by safety play on the 2-ball. Correia managed to force Thehu to commit another foul, and Correia tried to run the rack to get to 5:3. But he missed the 9-ball in the side pocket. Luckily for him, he left a tough shot for Thehu. The missed the 9-ball, too, and left a walk in the park for Correia who got to 5:3. The Portuguese also took the next rack to get on the hill 6:3. With that advantage, Correia got ball in hand in the 10th rack since Thehu committed a foul, again. But Correia could not run out. He missed the 6-ball in the side pocket, leaving again a tough shot for Thehu. Thehu played a good safety but unfortunately for him, he pocketed the 6-ball and hooked himself on the 7-ball. That was all Correia needed to win the match and the title with 7:3. „I would like to dedicate this title to my friend Paolo Costa“, said an emotional Correia after the awards ceremony.
Top Eight Finishers Seniors 10-ball
1 Henrique Correia (POR)
2 Jesse Thehu (NED)
Dag-Joran Aralden (NOR)
Dirk Stenten (GER)
Espen Saltnes (NOR)
Cristina Moscetti and Karin Michl both started out quite leveled. After 6 racks, the score was tied at 3:3. Rack 7 was hard fought over. It was Karin Michl who finally won the rack and got to the hill first, leading 4:3. The next break was Moscetti’s. She had a ball down and missed the first shot. After a few safety shots, Moscetti got momentum first and had the balls spread open on the table for her. She cleared the table to make the final match a hill-hill thriller. Rack 9 saw Karin Michl breaking the balls. She had no balls down and gave the table to Moscetti who opened the safety battle. With a lucky safety, Michl forced Moscetti to play a foul shot and received ball in hand with seven balls left on the table. Since these balls were still not in good positions Michl decided to pocket some balls and then go for safety again. When she got to the table she made some amazing shots including pocketing the 6-ball over one rail and getting perfect position for the 7-ball. But when she pocketed the 7-ball, she scratched in the side pocket. Mosquito got to the table with ball in hand and only two balls left. That brought her the title. „It is like a dream for me“, stated Moscetti, „I still cannot believe it.“
Top Six Finishers Ladies 10-ball
1 Cristina Moscetti (ITA)
2 Karin Michl (GER)
3 Nathalie Rohmer (FRA)
Hildegard Kasper
Ilona Zalmanova (CZE)
Medal Table after 2 of 5 events
1 Germany
2 Italy
3 Netherlands
4 France
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