CSI Donates Disqualified Player’s Winnings to Charity

CueSports International (CSI), parent company of the BCA Pool League (BCAPL), donated to charity the winnings of a player disqualified from a division of the 2018 BCA Pool League World Championships.  During one of his matches, the player was overheard bragging about entering the tournament with a low rating.  After hearing that, his opponent followed the correct procedure and submitted a formal protest to the Tournament Director before the match ended.
Tournament officials took immediate action and began investigating the issue by interviewing both players, numerous people in the area and others who know both players including the League Operators.  Based on all available information, CSI concluded that the player intentionally entered the event at a rating other than his own which placed him in a lower division.  This is defined as cheating per the event rules and regulations as stated below.
Don’t Get Disqualified
We take player ratings very seriously. A player who intentionally enters an event with a transitional or starter rating that is too low for his or her ability, is cheating. Be aware that we have tools in place to monitor players who are consistently and significantly performing above their rating during the event. CSI reserves the right to disqualify any player without refund. Therefore, if you believe you are underrated, contact CSI prior to the registration deadline.
Therefore, the player was immediately disqualified without receiving prize money or a refund.  Because he was disqualified at a bracket position that would have paid over $1,000 in prize money, CSI donated the entire amount to Donate Life America, a nonprofit alliance of national organizations and state teams across the U.S. committed to increasing the number of donated organs, eyes, and tissue available for transplant to save and heal lives.
Although the disqualified player had won the protested match, that result was reversed and the opponent continued in the event.
CSI is committed to providing fair and fun competition at all CSI events and we will continue to act swiftly if cheating is suspected.  We applaud the opposing player for calmly and professionally following the protest procedure and helping to identify cheating.
For more information on how to sanction an existing league, start a new league, or join a league, visit www.playbca.com or call the BCA Pool League office at 866-USA-POOL.
CueSports International (CSI) is the parent company of the BCA Pool League, USA Pool League, and various professional and amateur events around the world.  For more information about CSI, please visit www.playcsipool.com or call our office at 866-USA-POOL.