CSI Lifts Ban on Phenolic Tips on Break Cues

The "2012 - 2014 Official Rules of the BCA Pool League" was released June 1, 2012, the beginning of the new BCAPL and USAPL league year. The most noted change for the newly released publication is the lifting of the restriction on the use of the phenolic tips on break cues. Below is the newly added language in the 2012-2014 edition, quoted from section 9d of the Equipment Specifications section:
"The cue tip must be composed of leather, fibrous, or pliable material."

"Note: Pending further research and review, the BCAPL has temporarily rescinded the prohibition of the use of phenolic tips for break shots. However, the restriction is subject to be re-introduction before the expiration of the 2012-2014 rulebook. League Operators and League Managers will be contacted if any further rules modifications regarding phenolic tips are made."

When the last edition of the BCAPL rule book went to press, CueSports International (CSI) adopted the ban on phenolic tips on break cues to be consistent with forthcoming World Standardized Rules. In the interim, CSI has determined that the ban is unenforceable, since neither the expertise nor the apparatus is available during pool tournaments to determine conclusively and consistently that a tip is phenolic. Also, the "phenolic" covers a wide spectrum of material. This only reinforces how difficult the rule was to consistently enforce, and further confirms the need to rescind the ban. Hence, the ban was lifted pending further review by CSI, World Pool Billiard Association (WPA), or other world bodies.
To view the entire "2012-2014 Official Rules of the BCA Pool League" visit www.playbca.com. A listing of significant content and editorial changes can be found in the beginning of the publication on pages VII - IX.

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