CSI Sponsoring Mike Dechaine in This Weekends Steinway Classic

Las Vegas, Nevada - Cue Sports International (CSI) is proud to sponsor top professional player Mike Dechaine in this week’s Steinway Classic, held at Steinway Billiards in Astoria, NY.  CSI is dedicated to the betterment of the game for top professionals and believes Mike Dechaine shares some of the same goals.  
Mark Griffin, speaking on behalf of CSI stated, “Mr. Dechaine has suffered needless verbal attacks recently, and we want to show support to a player who stands up for himself in this industry.  No professional player should have to tolerate any threats or personal attacks from other players or associations. As long as a player behaves in a professional manner, they should be treated with equal opportunity and respect.
Mike Dechaine, a 2x Mosconi Cup Teammate and a representative for Predator Cues, said the following.
“I am looking forward to representing CSI this weekend at Steinway Billiards.  Mark and his team have and will continue to put on incredible events for pool.  I plan on representing them well” – Mike Dechaine
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