CSP and Poison – Together Again!

Cue Sport Promotions is pleased to announce that Poison Billiards has signed on as a sponsor for the new APA of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill Masters Tour.  CSP is grateful to the folks at Poison for their continued support of CSP run tours and of pool in general.  Poison produces a line of innovative cues for low prices, including the very popular VX2.9 Jump/Break cue which Poison provided for every winner of CSP's 2009 Stick Built Charity Tour.

For more information on the Masters Tour check out www.APA-Raleigh.com.  For more on the Stick Built Tour check out www.CueSportPromotions.com.  And for some of the best cues available, check out www.PoisonBilliards.com today!