CSWT Regional Tour Champion Kaylin “The Gun” Wikoff

Kaylin Wikoff
The CueSport Women’s Tour closed out the season on October 14th, 2017 with Kaylin Wikoff (Decatur, IL) securing another first place finish and ending the season with 2,025 tour points out of a possible 2,500. Five women came to finish the season in a round-robin style format. Kaylin won every match in a race to 7 and it’s obvious why she is the next top notch player of women’s billiards. 
Kaylin, sponsored by JD’s Brews and Cues in Springfield, IL, came to every event on the tour stop and each time, proved that she came to play. She never complained if the turn-out was low. She was on a mission to play her best and dominate the competition, whether two people showed up or a full field. If she’s motivated by the money, you wouldn’t know it. Her passion and motivation for the game of billiards come from within. 
Her playing style can be categorized as aggressive and dangerous, especially when she reaches for her jump cue. It is very difficult to successfully hide her in such a way that she can’t get a hit, let alone make it! One of her most recent and notorious shots at a different event was actually a jump bank that she called and made followed by a difficult long cut-shot on the 8-ball for the win. When everyone praised the amazing jump-bank, Kaylin humbly commented, “In all honesty, that shot was dead. I just had to hit it square, which I struggle at. I really only got lucky. The 8 was the hard part.” However, anyone who has ever seen Kaylin jump, knows it’s more than luck on her side. 
I have watched Kaylin play now for the last year and as impressed as I am with her jumping abilities, I have been even more amazed at the way she is able to maneuver the cue ball around the table, regardless of position. She attributes this to one of her mentors. She often tosses the credit to an important influence in her life. Even her nickname, “The Gun,” came from a beloved mentor. She actually played him for his nickname, won it and a few weeks later, he passed away. Once I heard this story, I started thinking of all the billiard nicknames I have heard over the years and how they were acquired. This was by far, the most touching story of them all. If you spend any time watching her play though, it is easy to see that the nickname chose Kaylin just as much as her earning it. Her shooting style and demeanor are both respected and deadly; in the wrong hands, catastrophic destruction and in the right one… Kaylin’s victory. 
It is easy to like Kaylin for her honesty and sense of humor, just as much as for her ability at the table. You will often find her at events taking a plethora of pictures of all of the friends she has made and women whom she deeply respects and admires.  Kaylin is definitely on the right track and we can plan to see more of “The Gun” at big events coming up as she has secured her spot, as the regional tournament points champion, on the 2018 WPBA tour.   
Good luck Kaylin on all your future endeavors!
The CueSport Womens’ Tour would like to thank all of the women who played this year and a special thank you to our sponsors Racks on the Rocks located in Peoria, Illinois, Peek In Pottery, located in Pekin, IL and CueSport Billiard Academy. Racks on the Rocks was the tour’s host location, who catered to our ladies very well, adding money to the pay-outs no matter the turn-out and providing excellent, well-maintained tables for play. Peek In Pottery also added money to the tour qualifier and CueSport Billiard Academy provided assistance running the tour. CSWT would not have had a successful season without the help and support of our local sponsors. Thank you!