Cue King Promotions appoints new Chief

Trevor Haythorne has been appointed the new Chief Executive of Cue King Promotions it has been announced today. Mr. Haythorne takes up this new position on the strength of his experience and understanding of Youth Sports Development & Management.

The new Chief Executive believes in extending the existing professional player recruitment plan to the under tier of Amateur players;  he stated “recruiting established American Pool Professional is great but why not have an actual plan of action for all American Pool enthusiasts? CKP has made a solid platform for development and this appointment allows the ‘Expansion Team' to venture further beyond the UK and into new territories.”

Cue King Promotion's principal owner Jason Lawrence also speaking to the press revealed that the American Pool Billiard promotional brand is fully committed to the

well-being of business growth, through gaining excellent technical support and managerial assistance to plan its long-term sustainability. “Trevor will be strategically outlining how to achieve its (CKP's) goals whilst bringing a sense of purpose with efficient enthusiasm in every aspect of the organisation.” explained Jason.

The appointment is not a surprise by all means and we wish Mr. Haythorne the best.