Cuemakers International 9-Ball Championship 2012

Some of the finest cuemakers from all over the USA and Canada met in Philadelphia at the Super Billiards Expo for the 2012 Cuemakers International 9-Ball Championship. The event was the first annual Cuemakers 9-Ball Championship and was held as a charity benefit for the Galilean Childrens Home in Liberty, Kentucky. The Galilean Childrens Home has helped thousands of special needs children for a few decades now. All entry fees and donations went directly to help the Childrens Home. Some cuemakers paid much more than the $30 donation/entry fee and others who were unable to play came by and donated their entry fee just to help the Children. When all was said and done the cuemakers tournament raised over a $1000 for the Childrens Home.

  The players field was filled with Cuemakers from both the American Cuemakers Association and the International Cuemakers Association as well as some independent cuemakers. The tournament was played in a true single elimination format. When it was all over Chris Hightower of Hightower Custom Cues took home the title of International 9-Ball Champion of Cuemakers 2012. His route to the title was not an easy one with wins over Canadian cuemakers Charlie McKay and Roy Mason. Then he squeaked by well known California cuemaker Jerry McWorter and went on to win the finals against Michigan cuemaker John LaLonde.

  Next years event will be held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center during the Super Billiards Expo March 28th - 30th 2013. A special word appreciation needs to be given to Allen Hopkins Productions for donating the space to hold the event, Cue Man Billiard Products for donating the table rental fees, the International Cuemakers Association for donating the Award Plaques and most of all to the cuemakers for their generous donations and participation. Our cuemaking industry indeed has some generous quality individuals representing it.

  If interested in sponsoring, donating to or playing in the 2013 event contact for more information.