CueSport TV to broadcast challenge match and 10-Ball Open

Two 10-ball pool events are to be shown Live on CueSport TV over the weekend
of the 16th/17th August 2008.

£1000 Challenge Match

The first is a £1000 ($2000) challenge match between the UK's Andy Nicholson
and Australian snooker champion Vincent Calabrese. The match is a race-to-21
racks and will be broadcast live from 7:30pm (2:30 EST) on Saturday 16th

This match should be a closely fought affair and with the extra difficulty of
the 10-ball break should be a real spectacle for all concerned.

It is free to registered viewers and you can access the match by clicking on
Live Now after logging in.

Mickey Flynn's 10-ball Open

The second event is the Mickey Flynn's 10-ball Open on Sunday 17th August,
this £200 added open tournament will feature some of the cream of UK pool
including Mosconi Cup player Imran Majid.

The action kicks off at 11:00am (6am EST) and will run until approximately
11:00pm (6pm EST), once again it is free to view.

Watch all the action LIVE at CueSport TV