Launches Their New Web Site

Manhattan, NY - proudly announces the launch of their new web site and free billiards layout software. The new CueTable site has an improved design featuring the Pool Shot Browser, bringing layouts from all over the web right to your fingertips. New software lets pool enthusiasts add high resolution color layout graphics to their emails, personal blogs, web pages, or forum discussions using only simple mouse clicks, copy and paste. Plus, the new CueTable software is faster and leaner than before – it runs perfectly on any reasonably current computer.

"Our goals at CueTable are to encourage clear communication among a newer generation of players, to enable sharing within the billiard community, and to promote the benefits of pool to the general public. Let's work together and share all the great ideas and fun with everyone!" said Wei Chao, the original creator of CueTable software.

For years CueTable has been a great online visualization tool, used by 320 thousand people, in emails and online discussion forums, but now pool players can add CueTable layouts directly into their own blogs and web pages. Top professional players such as Mika Immonen and Thorsten Hohmann have already used this feature to show interesting tournament shot layouts that they discuss in their blogs.. So now people can learn about what goes on inside a champion's mind -directly and with vivid descriptive and visual details.

"This is the greatest invention for all billiard enthusiasts. I love it and use it for training and communicating." said Mika Immonen, World Pool Champion 2001.

"Cuetable goes to the future! Every student, teacher and fan of our fascinating sport should browse, study, use and share this modern and global way to talk Pool!" said Thorsten Hohmann, World Pool Champion 2003.

In addition to the CueTable layout diagramming software, they also have a Pool Shot Browser and an Aiming Calculator. Pool Shot Browser allows people to flip though interesting layouts drawn by others on the net. Then, with a single click they can go directly to the original source and participate in the discussion. Aiming Calculator teaches how to aim at a ball when playing pool using the ghost ball system. By dragging different balls around, the users gets an instant calculation of the cut angle, the parallel projected ghost ball overlap percentage.

"A truly great learning tool for players at all levels, including the professionals." said Tony Robles, Founder, The Predator 9-Ball Tour.

"CueTable is cool, helpful and a lot of fun. The graphics and capabilities are great. They bring pool diagrams off the napkin and into the 21st century!" said Max Eberle, Professional Player, Artist, Writer.

CueTable is the best tool for billiard education and communication today. It has served over 800,000 layouts to 320,000 individual users since its original release in March, 2006. It has been widely used by many professional players, instructors, and serious students to communicate with each other

"What took you so long?! I love it! People always want to talk about pool. This makes things so much easier. Great job! " said Jeanette Lee, “The Black Widow”, WPBA Champion.

"A beautiful tool for pool! I wish I'd learned it before I wrote my book." said Mike Massey, Artist Billiard Champion, BCA Hall of Fame Member 2005.

CueTable is a significant development for all players and has great potential to stir new life into our sport. To learn more, please check