Has a New Design! has undergone a concept and design modification! Moving forward, based largely on fan feedback about the site, will be featuring important works by current and past cuemakers. Site feedback indicated that viewers loved seeing the cues and reading critiques, but did not like the concept of the cues being voted on and classified. So, there will still be expert critiques of the cues, but without a classification of a cue being a Monster or not. Instead, the selection process is going to be tighter so that every cue that makes our homepage will be an amazing work. This means there will be fewer cues annually. However, the cues that are chosen will be some of the best of the best.

There were a number of improvements made on the site. On the right-hand navigation under "The Cues," there is a drop-down menu. There you can choose from any number of cuemakers, whose cues have been featured more than once on All the other cues are under "Other Important Cuemakers." You can also search by keyword, including a cuemaker's name and other cue and industry attributes. Also, we are going to start focusing more on the cue photography. The site has been widened so that we can post large high-resolution photos.

We launched the new design with an amazing work from Joel Hercek. The cue's design is inspired by ancient Greek pottery and ceramics. Check it out at