Daniel Takes Longwood Win

On August 20, 2006, Tim Daniel worked his way through a strong field of tour regulars to win the Kings Bay Promotions 2006 Florida Amateur 9-Ball Tour 12th tour stop at Fast Break Billiards in Longwood, Fl. The stop drew a total of 38 players to compete in this $500 added event.

Daniel, Richard Murray, Gail Grecar and Robert Noon were the 4 leaders in the winners bracket working their way through players one by one sending them to the one lost side. Murray sent Noon to the one lost side while Daniel did the same to Grecar leaving the King Of the Hill match.

Murray just couldn't get the rolls and Daniel was King of the Hill with a 7-2 win.In the meantime while the King of the Hill match was going on Noon found himself facing Jim Sandaler in the one lost side where Sandaler left Noon in 5th place. Sandaler, who was placed in the one lost side by Bob Eaton had met his match when he faced Grecar and with a 5-1 loss was left in 4th place.

Grecar went on to face Murray to see who would go onto the final match. The two players were both placed on the west side of the bracket by Daniel but it was Grecar who got the rolls and a chance for a rematch.

Daniel and Grecar faced off for the final race to 9 battle. Both players were tired from the competitive day but still wanting to play their best. The battle held many spectators interest as man vs woman on the table was fought. Neither player seemed to take the lead except once when Daniel had a two game lead but Grecar didn't let him keep it for long as she struggled to even up the score. Down to the last match it was anybody's game and both players showed their skills on the table. Hill-Hill match belonged to Daniel as he finally took the win at 9-8 ending the day Complete Results:
1st-Tim Daniel $470
2nd- Gail Grecar $280
3rd- Richard Murray $150
4th- Jim Sandaler $100
5th/6th Robert Noon/Ben Villaneau $80 ea
7th/8th- Julio Delpozo/Trevor Moore $50ea