Danielle Morris Combats Through The Tiger Canadian Women’s Pool Tour Event With A Great Win

Zabrina Wellman Danielle Morris

On July 8 - 9 2006, the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour travel to Burlington for Stop # 4 "Lock Hart's CBSA 8-ball Qualifier" at Bobby D's owned by Barb Markieta . With a $500.00 added to the event, sponsor by Tiger Products and Lock Harts Custom Cues and Repairs, 24 players came to compete. Danielle Morris, 2nd top tour point ranking, combats through two long days and nights with a great victory! On Sunday, sees the final 6 players, Naomi Williams, Zabrina Wellmans, Brittany Bryant, Carrie Dwyer and Darlene Gardiner. Zabrina Wellmans, after sweeping through the winners' side on Saturday taking 4 matches including Naomi Williams (,) who was sent to the semi final b side, finds her new opponent - Danielle Morris. "Danielle Morris, have shown much great improvement in the tour year. It would be interesting to see the final results in her game today." said Carolina Fernandez, CEO

In the hot seat, Wellmans leads the game 4-3. In the 8th match, Wellmans makes a great out after a perfect safety that was left behind on Morris, but then she finds a tough shot on the 7. Wellmans makes a decision to play safe, but the drift carried the cue ball and Morris sees the out . Morris with confidence shoots in the heart and lands perfect shape to run out the match. The score is tied, and this handicap event, Morris needs two more matches. Morris turn to break. It was a strong break and lead to two balls in the pocket. Morris starts running out the table but rattles the 8-ball. The spectators rolled their eyes and couldn't believe the bad luck that Morris got! With a sigh of relief, Wellmans takes advantage and runs out the 8 and 9-ball. With a score 5-4, Danielle Morris is sent to the b-side. On the b-side final, Danielle Morris is determined to stay focus after a misfortune rattle on the last set with Wellman. This match will be one of her toughest matches as she going against WPBA semi-pro Naomi Williams. In the 9th set, Morris keeps the pace with Williams with a tied score of 4-4. The match went down to the 8-ball between Morris and Williams. Williams plays safe but failed to land the 8-ball on the rail. Morris sinks the 8 and 9 ball to win the 9th set. This puts Morris on the hill (5-4) The pressure is on for Williams as she needs to win 4 more matches. The next set, Morris runs out and hangs the 8-ball. Williams takes the shot and knots the score once again.

Williams turn to break and breaks the balls perfectly for a run out. Williams shoots each ball with perfect shape, but then an unexpected turn of events happened. Williams shoots the 6-ball and fouls the cue ball in the pocket. Morris is up on the table with control and confidence as she finish the match with a great bank shot on the 9-ball. With a score of 6-5, Naomi Williams settles for 3rd place. Morris earns a trip to the winner's side to face Wellmans for the title match!

Back on the winning circle, where the best action takes place, Zabrina Wellmans is once again facing her opponent - Danielle Morris. This time Danielle Morris is taking no prisoners. "I am determined to win", said Danielle Morris. For the first round set, Morris is on fire as Wellmans only got 1 score point on the board. After a great break and run, Morris finish the 1st round sets quickly with a 6-1 score.

Round two has been called after a 10 minute break. Danielle Morris leads the score 5-1 after a great cut shot on the 9-ball, 9 of the break and Wellmans missed key shots. The 7th set, Morris plays a great safety shot on the 2-ball. Wellmans finds a get out of jail card and makes a nice out to mark up her second frame of the set (5-2). In the 8th and 9th set, Morris makes a couple of fatal errors by missing a key shot on the 8 which lead a combo shot and an unfortunate corner hook that lead to a ball and hand run out for Wellmans. The score is double hill. Wellmans comes out dry on the break. Morris focuses back on the table and without anymore errors, Morris runs out a perfect rack! With a 6-4 score, Wellmans settles for 2nd place and Morris wins the Lock Harts CBSA 8-ball Qualifier! Danielle Morris has declined the CBSA 8-ball qualifier package and was given to Zabrina Wellmans. Zabrina, good luck at the Canadians in September!