Danny DiLiberto to guest at the FREE WebCast of the $10,000, 10-Ball Jackpots, LIVE from the Accu-Stats Arena

Expect the unexpected as BCA Hall of Fame nominee Danny Diliberto, one of pool's great "Rackontuers," is likely to pull no punches  Thursday & Friday night, 8pm EST. during the FREE internet broadcast of the Accu-Stats Game Show LIVE from the Accu-Stats Arena at Comet Billiards, New Jersey,

Danny, a regular commentator on Accu-Stats Video Productions, will join Pat Fleming as they host amateurs and masters alike in the do-or-die, race to one, 9 & 10-Ball Game Shows.

Festivities include the Accu-Stats Jackpots at 9:30, on both nights, and, due to the massive size of the pot, 11pm on Friday. Tickets are $5 and are freshly drawn each week for a chance at the rack. As no one has made a complete run out yet, the accumulating prize fund for the 10-Ball on Friday is $10,000; that's 650 bucks for every ball made from the break at 9:30, and $350.00 a ball at 11pm. A runout can win as much as $6,500. Last week George "Ginky" SanSouci broke and ran 5 balls and won $2500.

Click here to enjoy Danny and view The Accu-Stats Game Show for FREE: accu-stats.com