Daryl Peach back on track

Daryl Peach (GBR)
Portoroz, Slovenia: Daryl Peach (GBR) just destroyed Serge Das' (BEL) hopes for the crown in 10-ball by defeating him clearly with 8:3.

Daryl Peach had to suffer a dramatic loss in the previous round when, totally surprising, he had to give in to Marko Lisnic (CRO) with 7:8. The first two racks, Peach made not a single mistake and opened his account turning the score to 2:0. The third rack was a disaster for both players. Peach missed two balls in that rack and Das missed one. That does not sound much, but knowing that Peach and Das both missed three balls in the whole match, it proves how "bad" that rack was. However, Peach was able to take it and make the score 3:0. "I saw that Serge was struggling since he could not turn my mistakes into points for him", said Peach after the match. "That made me even stronger. Some players say that you only play yourself. I do not agree. At times you gotta react to your opponent and gain strength out of it", explained Peach. Well, he seemed to live that theory since he really grew stronger and increased his performance to the usual level. Suddenly, after seven racks the score was 6:1 in favor of Peach. Das did not make too many mistakes; he just made them at the wrong time and Peach consequently used them to his benefit. In the end, 8:3 was the just result for a strong Daryl Peach who will now be drawn into the final 64 single elimination in men's 10-ball which will start tomorrow at 09:00 CET.

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