Daulton and Owen score GSBT Wins

Shannon Daulton

After six days of play, the Great Southern Billiard Tour's Players 10-Ball Championship and Open One Pocket event are complete.

As expected, Charlie Bryant was a busy man on the final day of these events. Bryant started the day with a 4-1 loss to Gabe Owen in the One Pocket event, but Bryant still had a barrel left in his gun and he wasn't going to leave this event without a fight.

Bryant bounced back with a 4-3 win over Tony Chohan and then a 4-2 win over John Morra. Nick Varner finally brought the Hillbilly back to earth with a 4-2 loss.

Bryant didn't have much time to lick his wounds as the 10-ball event had been waiting for him to finish in the one pocket so that he could take on Shane Van Boening. Turned out that being able to make a ball in all six pockets was a lot easier for Bryant than just concentrating on one pocket and he crushed Van Boening 9-3.

GSBT Tour Director Shannon Daulton was next up for Bryant, as Daulton had lost a 9-6 decision to Jonathan Pinegar for the hot-seat in the 10-ball event. Daulton eliminated Bryant 9-7 to earn another shot at Pinegar in the finals. That match turned out to be a lot different than the earlier Daulton/Pinegar matchup, as Daulton took control early and win 10-4 for the tournament win.

Back in the one pocket event, it was another rematch in the finals. Gabe Owen had beaten Nick Varner 4-0 for the hot-seat earlier in the day and they would face each other again for the finals. Both players agreed to cut the final match to a race to 4 instead of the original race to 5 planned. It turned out to be academic as Owen cruised to another 4-0 win for the tournament victory.

Daulton pocketed $7500 for first place in the 10-ball event and Owen took home $3000 for the one pocket win.