Daulton Banks on Williams: Ritter Surprises Two! Scorpion Cues JA Classic


Marietta, Georgia-  Great and close matches filled the day. Shannon The Cannon Daulton had a fierce and interesting match with The Korean Dragon Charlie Williams. One of the top seeds Robb Saez was sideswiped by unknown Mark Ritter as was tough road player Keith Bennett next. The Scorpion Cues Johnny Archer Classic kicked off today and lasts till Sunday evening.  The Scorpion Cues Johnny Archer Classic is sanctioned by the Association Of Billiard Professionals as an ABP International Points Ranking Tournament and hosted by the Marietta Billiard Club. 

The event is supported by Fat Boy Productions Co. and Steve Florentino Billiards. Heavy hitter companies are getting behind the event for the first time as well such as Ozone Billiards and Championship Cloth who will be supplying all the tournament tables Tour Edition 3030 cloth. Billiards Digest, Pool & Billiard Magazine, and Inside Pool Magazine are also sponsoring the event.

Daulton took a commanding 7-2 lead in the match against Williams, but saw Williams fight back to 8-5. Besides 3 fouling Williams twice in the set, there was a game where both players had 3 shots on the 10-Ball, where Williams won. Then he broke and ran 2 racks to tie it 8-8. Charlie broke dry the case game and Daulton made a backwards cut on the 1ball and played position for a 2ball bank shot long ways to the 10-ball. He fired it in like a cannon and won.

"That's one of the strangest matches I had", said Daulton.

Little known Mark Ritter of Ohio came down as an amateur, but is feeling world class today as he toppled ABP seeded Robb Saez a whopping 9-2. Then, he upset Keith Bennett, a renown top road player who has toppled names such as Oscar Dominguez for big purses. 

"I dont know what's going on with me! I hope it lasts!" said a ecstatic Ritter afterwards.

Local housepro Tommy Najar gave top ranked Corey Deuel a scare. Deuel was up 8-4 before Najar broke and ran 4 racks to tie it 8-8. Deuel won the final game but it was definitely a feather in young Najar's cap. "I'm playing good and can't wait for the next matches and tournaments in Louisiana!". Najar wants to focus more on bringing his ABP International Pro Ranking up.

Tomorrow 10:00am feature TV match will be Williams vs Hohmann.

The Scorpion Cues Johnny Archer Classic is a pro 10-Ball tournament open to all amateurs, semi-pros, and professionals. Full info and updates can be found at http://www.facebook.com/JohnnyArcherClassic .

FREE live streaming online at http://www.insidepool.tv/  

There will be a Ozone Billiards Scorpion Cue Raffle each day so fans can see, touch, and have a chance to win the very same cue engineering that legendary Johnny Archer uses on the pro tour.

For info Email  johnnyarcherclassic@gmail.com or call 1-678 324-6693 for info. Host is the Marietta Billiard Club Suite 210 1355 Roswell Road Marietta, GA 30062