Daulton Takes Down Georgia Open

The Hole Thang Manager Robert, Adam Towery, Shannon Daulton & Room Owner Larry
Daulton Takes Down Georgia Open

The Great Southern Billiard Tour had a $1500 added guaranteed 9-ball event at The Hole Thang in Macon, Georgia the weekend of August 18th and 19th. The Georgia Open brought forty-three talented players contending for the title.

Players in attendance for the event were Shannon Daulton, Larry Nevel, Cliff Joyner, Scotty Townsend, and Paul Turner. Play throughout the weekend brought Larry Nevel and Shannon Daulton facing off in round two with Daulton taking the win with a score of 9-5. Some other hopefuls that were successful were Cliff Joyner and Scotty Townsend running through their opponents with a chance to return on Sunday to take down the cash. After a long day of play on Saturday, only sixteen players returned.

Scotty Townsend suffered his first loss on Sunday to George Rothrock to set up a match with Larry Nevel on the one-loss side. This exciting match ended Nevel's tournament road after a double hill thriller with Townsend making the nine-ball on the break to win the match.

On the winners side Shannon Daulton was taking little time to knock off his opponents. With wins over Horace Godwin, Sammy Odom, Paul Turner, and George Rothrock, this set him up to take the hot seat. Another heavy hitter on the winners side at the start of Sunday was Cliff Joyner. His tournament life was ended by players George Rothrock and Adam Towery. Adam Towery then played Scotty Townsend and George Rothrock setting up a finals with he and Daulton. He played very well but Shannon Daulton was too much for him. Daulton won the first two games with Towery finally getting on the scoreboard in the third game. The fourth game, Towery came up dry on the break leaving Daulton with a perfect opportunity to snag the game. After that, Daulton was on a roll running the seven remaining racks to chalk up the win with a final score of 9-1.

We had a great event here at The Hole Thang in Macon, GA. Thanks to Larry, Robert, and the rest of the gang. The next event will be at Palace Billiards in Greenville, SC the weekend of August 25th and 26th.