David Alcaide fined for unsportsmanlike behaviour

David Alcaide

David Alcaide from Spain was fined with 1,000 € for unsportsmanlike behaviour at the recent Euro-Tour in Austria.

Tournament Director David Morris saw Alcaide throwing a semi-final match because he wanted to leave early in order to be able to catch his plane.
"This kind of conduct cannot be tolerated", said Morris. "I tried to talk to him after the match but he was gone already. I then spoke to his opponent and got the confirmation that  Alcaide suggested to him that he should play fast so Alcaide could catch his plane. He would then lose on purpose."

Alcaide, who is normally known to be a great and proper sportsman, was confronted with the accusation and accepted the penalty.

He obviously regretted his behaviour and will not act like this in the future any more.
He also tried to excuse his course of action.