David “G” Takes Fast Eddie’s Olhausen Event!

David Gutierrez, Jui Lung Chen and the ladies of Fast Eddie's

The Fast Eddie's Olhausen 9 Ball Tour Sponsored by Schuler Legacy Cues held its' eleventh and last regular season event November 5-6 at the brand new Fast Eddie's in Lubbock, Tx.

The competition in Lubbock was fierce and the top picks were David Gutierrez, Jui Lung Chen, Erman Bullard, Robert Newkirk, Shane Harvey and James Davis Jr.

Finishing in the 7-8th positions were Lewis Jones and local favorite Jason Alvarez. Also, James Davis Jr. of Austin and Jon Rawlins of Fort Worth filled the 5-6th positions.

Erman Bullard is always tough and played some great 9 ball, but was forced to settle for 4th place.

Shane Harvey is another local favorite and finished third with some very solid play.

Jui Lung Chen of Dallas started his run with a victory over Sam Cooley, only to be derailed by Erman Bullard in the second round. Now on the left side, he handled Tony Hinojosa, Mike Novotny, Robert Newkirk, Lewis Jones, James Davis Jr., Erman Bullard and Shane Harvey. Nearing the finals, Chen realized if he won the event, he would win the 'Player of the Year' award. The man did respond in winning a seat for the final match!

David Gutierrez of Dallas playing very consistent, bested Johnny Gomez, David Dickerson, Robert Newkirk, Erman Bullard and Shane Harvey to capture the winner's bracket.

The finals were set and both players looked quite determined as Chen now had to win consecutive races to 9 to win the tournament and edge Sylver Ochoa as 'Player of the Year' by a mere 60 points.

It looked like it was over as David led the final match, 5-2, when Chen caught fire and won the first set, 9-5.

The second set was intense. The crowd had mixed emotions and seemed to pull equally for both players. Both players were tied at 3-3, when David went ahead, 5-3, and the 7-5. Finally, with David leading 8-7, it looked as if he were out, when he suddenly miscued on the five ball giving Chen the game. With the score tied, hill-hill, Chen broke and made two balls, but left the cue ball on the head rail with a long straight in shot on the one ball. He only needed to make the ball as shape was natural on the 2 ball. He misfired and the whole room let out a collective sigh. Even David looked as if he felt badly for Chen as he shook his head as he rose from his chair. David did get out perfectly to earn the victory of the eleventh event of the year. Both of these men are warriors and gentlemen in victory or defeat.

Thanks to Mark Lewis (COO-Fast Eddie's), Tommy Wells (Regional Manager-Fast Eddie's), his new GM-Lubbock, Jason, and their fine staff for hosting a great event. Also, a big thanks to Olhausen Billiards for showing you are 'The Best in Billiards' with your support. Brian Trim of Schuler Legacy Cues, along with Schonne of Cue Sales & Service (the national distributor of Schuler Cues), we couldn't do it without you! Also, to Ron Geyer of the Custom Cue Connection for all the donuts and keeping everyone's cues in great shape! A special thanks to Jack Kompan of Mystick Cues, our mentor, for all your help, support, and keeping our heads on straight on and off the tables! Thanks to Robbie and Jeff for your support! And last and far from least, if you're ever in ole' San Antone and get an urge for authentic Mexican cuisine, make a run to Tino Lopez's restaurant, Theodore's, on the northwest side. You won't be disappointed! Thanks, Tino, for your support!

The 2005 Season Finale is scheduled for December 2-4 at the Fast Eddie's on N. W. Military Drive in San Antonio. It will begin at 10:00 p.m. Friday night, so come early. Remember, one lucky qualified player will go home with a $4000 Eclipse Olhausen pool table Sunday night! See y'all there!

Complete Payouts:
1st David Gutierrez $2675
2nd Jui Lung Chen $1750
3rd Shane Harvey $1150
4th Erman Bullard $745
5-6th James Davis Jr., Jon Rawlins $275
7-8th Lewis Jones, Jason Alvarez $190