David Grossman Wins with a 9 On-The-Break

Saturday, March 1, 2003, 14 players challenged Buddy, The Rifleman, Hall in a race to 3 at Park Avenue Billiards with several winning one game, however none of the challengers were able to win that all important second game. For over two hours the spectators and players alike were entertained as they witnessed the great shot making ability of this BCA Hall of Fame Member and former US Open Champion.

Sunday, March 2, 2003, 40 players competed in Park Avenue's Quarterly Tournament that pays $1,500 to the Winner with a full field of 64. Although only 40 players participated, Park Avenue Owner Bill Hammock added the extra money to pay the winner the full $1,500.

Competition began about 12:30 PM with Buddy Hall the favorite, and he did not disappoint his fans as he defeated local players, Duke Weaver, John Ring, Shane Sinott and South Florida's Richard Broumpton, before sending local favorite David Grossman to the loser bracket.

David played the owner of Harley's Rac and Cue, Harley Bryan, for the chance to challenge Buddy again for the $1,500 first prize. The final match was a one race to 9 and Buddy got to the hill first only to see David even the match at hill to hill and then make the 9 on the break to finish first.

1st: David Grossman $1,500
2nd: Buddy Hall $ 500
3rd: Harley Bryan $250
4th: Bob Ogburn $125

Winners of Park Avenue Billiards' Quarterly Tournaments have been, Buddy Hall, Nick Varner twice, David Grossman twice and Luis Viera of Orlando, FL twice.