Davis and Sidbury Score Planet Pool Tour Wins


The Planet Pool Tour returned to VIP Billiards in Catonsville, MD on the weekend of Oct 6/7th. A special thanks goes to room owner Steve Didier for keeping pool strong in this area! Pete Boyer from Coins of the Realm once again made sure that the Women's division had a great prize fund.
Mike Davis has been playing well lately and continued into this weekend. After defeating both Jose Burgos and Joe Cataldi by lopsided scores, Davis met up with Andy Lincoln. A 9-3 victory and a follow up battle with Rob Saez put Davis into the hot seat match. The top half of the bracket saw Alan Duty work his way through Jacob Parrent and Shawn Toni. Duty dispatched a tough opponent in Brett
Stottlemyer to reach the hot seat match. Davis had his break going perfectly and won easily 9-3.
Meanwhile on the one loss-side, Lincoln defeated Steve Wigglesworth and Guy Yates with no trouble. Stottlemyer took Lincoln to the hill but a break and run went to Lincoln to win 7-6. Lincoln advanced over Saez by forfeit and survived Duty 7-5 to take another shot at Davis. The single race final to 11 had Davis jump out to a 6-2 lead. The rest of the match was fairly well played mostly trading games until Davis emerged victorious 11-7.
The Women's division had just two entrants with Kia Sidbury defeating Tina Morfessis in a single race 9-5. Both ladies cashed nicely
courtesy of Coins of the Realm.
1st $500 Mike Davis
2nd $300 Andy Lincoln
3rd $200 Alan Duty
4th $100 Rob Saez
5/6 $50 Brett Stottlemyer, Shawn Toni

1st $300 Kia Sidbury
2nd $200 Tina Morfessis