Davis goes undefeated on SE Open 9-Ball Tour

Mike Davis

In the opening round of play in the Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour stop on Saturday, June 11, Mike Davis sent Anthony Meglino to the one-loss side. Three rounds later, Davis was in the hot seat, awaiting the completion of an eight-match winning streak by Meglino that included three double hill wins and set up an improbable rematch. Davis prevailed to take home the first place prize, but not before Meglino put up a strong fight in the extended race-to-11 finals. The $1,000-added event drew 23 entrants to Veteran's Billiards in Port Charlotte, FL.

From among the winners' side final four, Davis faced John DiToro, as Louis Altes squared off against Troy Frank. Davis sent DiToro west 9-2 to get into the hot seat match versus Altes, who'd sent Frank over 9-5. Davis gained the hot seat with a 9-3 victory and awaited Meglino's return.

With half of his winning streak behind him, Meglino defeated Felix Luna, double hill, for the right to face Frank. Di Toro picked up Jerry Calderon, who'd defeated Travis Laswell 7-2. Meglino and Calderon made Frank and DiToro's visit to the one-loss side brief; Meglino surviving his second straight double hill battle over Frank, as Calderon was busy defeating DiToro 9-4.

Meglino got caught up in his third straight double hill match in the quarterfinals against Calderon. He survived it, and downed Altes 9-6 in the semifinals, for a long-awaited rematch against the man who'd forced him into such a long day.

The extended race-to-11 was a constant struggle, and though Davis completed the match and his undefeated weekend ahead by three at 11-8, Meglino had come within a single shot of being as close as a single game. At 10-8, Meglino took a shot that jammed two balls into a pocket. Neither fell, and one of them was the 9-ball.  Davis took advantage and ended the match.