Davis Wins Again at PICC

England 's Steve Davis continued his terrific run at the 2006 Philippines World Pool Championship in Manila as he ousted local hope Jharome Pena 10-8 to advance to tomorrow's last 16 matches where he will meet Taiwanese player Fu Che-wei.

Considered an underrated talent in the 9 ball world, the 49 year-old from Brentwood , Essex has cut a swathe through some of the world's best players over the first six days of the $400,000 tournament.

His previous best showing was in 2000 when he reached the quarter-final stages but on this form ‘the Nugget' has the capability to upset the apple cart.

Pena, who made it through to the tournament as fourth alternate, looked good throughout but a lack of big match TV experience told in the closing stages.

Davis opened up a big 6-2 lead and in the alternate break format game and Pena was really up against it. He battled back though as some sloppy play from the Englishman let him win four consecutive racks to reduce the deficit to 7-6.

The racks went with break before Davis made a school boy error to let the Filipino back in. Following his break shot, Davis pocketed the 1 ball but then failed to see the blue 2 up table nestled against the rail.

He played the balls out of sequence and referee Michaela Tabb called a foul to give Pena ball in hand. From there he dished up but his advantage was lost in the next as Davis took the rack against the break to get to the hill at 9-8.

Pena had a chance in the 18th rack but missed a pot under pressure to leave Davis a three ball run out for victory. He made no mistakes as he cleared the table for a deserved win.

“It was a tough one. He was a good little player but he made enough mistakes and gave me the chances I needed, he said afterwards.

“I really enjoyed it though. The crowd was great and even though I beat a local player, they appreciated the match.

" I can't build my hopes up too high though and to coin a cliché, I'm taking every match as it comes!

“Fu must be a good player if he beat Chao Fong-pang today but it really doesn't matter to me who I play. I'll just go out there and do my best.

“I like the thinking element of this game – it really suits my temperament and I like getting involved in safety battles.

“Who knows where I can go here. I'll be giving it everything tomorrow and hopefully the rolls will go my way,” he added.